Personalized + humanized custom furniture began to prevail

Customized wardrobes, wall cabinets, cabinets ... When personalized products are more and more popular among young people, customizing various furniture directly from furniture factories has gradually become the target of many people and the new darling of the market. Customized wardrobes and other furniture in Europe and America are one of the necessary furniture in the family. It has only become popular in China in recent years. Especially in the domestic first-tier cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou, custom-made wardrobes and cabinets are very popular.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, domestic consumers are no longer satisfied with food and clothing, and are no longer satisfied with the general life taste and consumption style, but gradually evolved into a more convenient and elegant attitude to life. A class of exclusive products belonging to successful people is advanced to allow everyone to consume. This is what makes customized products appear different. The pursuit of fashion, quality, personality, and elegant furniture brand custom style have become commonplace.
Custom wardrobe design is also considered more in terms of function and style, and now the overall humanized design of the wardrobe is mainly in style, function, style, and with the style of home decoration, closely follow the trend and changes of the style of home decoration, and consider various Psychological needs of age level and people's personality and lifestyle. The changes in materials and structure of the new wardrobe also reflect the human care.
In the life of traditional Chinese people, the wardrobe is also a big piece of furniture. But at that time there were not many clothes in most families. A large wardrobe and a few large boxes almost solved the problem of storing the whole family's clothes.
The Chinese have already found the art of life from furniture. In the impetuous era, when we have divorced from the pursuit of basic living conditions, when we no longer obey the trend and the taste of the public, only unique and original furniture is The best decoration for self-personality.

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