Shenzhen furniture exhibition Bosen suspected of copying the design of Ronglin Shijia

On March 19th, the Shenzhen Furniture Fair launched the first day of the plagiarism case. Ronglin Shijia complained to the Intellectual Property Organizing Committee of the Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee: Bosen Furniture "Daguan" series was suspected of plagiarizing Ronglin Shijia "Kyocera" series. , And publicly requested an explanation for the suspected counterfeit Berson Furniture at the exhibition.

Feng Rong, acting lawyer of Beijing Ronglin Furniture Company, claimed that “Shenzhen Yaohua IKEA Furniture Co., Ltd. (Baisen Furniture) Daguan series was suspected of appearance infringement and presented related patent certificates. It is understood that Ronglin Shijia“ Kyocera ”series was launched in 2008. Available on the market, the market is selling well, and the "Kyocera" design has been patented. According to Feng Tao, a lawyer representing Ronglin Shijia, the "Great View" series exhibited by Bosen at this time, there are at least three products suspected of plagiarism, and the Bosen View Suspected of copying products.

Xu Wentao, lawyer of the Shenzhen Furniture Fair Intellectual Property Organizing Committee, said: "According to the provisions of the organizing committee, the respondent has the right to conduct counter-appeal within four hours." Proofs can be made to the exhibition party. The organizing committee will determine whether Berson has any appearance infringement based on the final evidence. However, the Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee has not formally accepted the allegation of infringement due to lack of a copy of the plaintiff's ID card and other relevant materials.

Ronglin Shijia said that he would defend the road of originality with action. "The era of furniture intellectual property protection has come. Any enterprise that relies on piracy and cloning and seeks quick profits will be condemned by public opinion and punished by law. It is against business. Ethical companies that ignore legal dignity are destined to lose their living space. "

As of now, Bosen Furniture has no official response to this matter.

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