Three embarrassing situations facing the domestic office furniture industry


       Office furniture is an appliance for daily living and work convenience for daily living or work. Today I will talk to you about the three embarrassing situations facing the domestic office furniture industry:


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Domestic office furniture brand awareness is weak


Facing the rapidly developing office furniture market, many domestic office furniture companies only focus on "shopping" instead of product design and quality, and lack a scientific marketing strategy. Lack of long-term, stable and scientific strategic guidance on issues such as product development, brand building, marketing, marketing, channel management, logistics and distribution, after-sales service, and manufacturer relations, which can only occupy the low-end office furniture market with low profits As a result, international brand furniture has always been in a leading position in the middle and high-end market of the office furniture industry.


Throughout China's office furniture industry, the phenomenon of homogenized low-end competition still exists. The main performance is that the design and development capabilities of enterprises are not strong, and the development of new products is mainly to imitate foreign brand products. Although many companies have begun to focus on brand management, the entire industry competition is still in the stage of product competition, which will inevitably become price competition. The main customers of office furniture are enterprises, institutions, government agencies and other groups. Some enterprises do not pay enough attention to brand promotion.


Serious homogenization of office furniture


With the increasing number of enterprises, the demand for office furniture products is also increasing, and the market prospect is good. With good prospects, it has naturally become "sweet and sour", competition is intensifying, foreign-funded enterprises are constantly pouring into the domestic market, and domestic office furniture companies are already in jeopardy. Industry insiders said that although the country has continuously improved the standards of the furniture industry in the past few years, the office furniture industry is still in a state of serious homogenization competition. The phenomenon of plagiarism and imitation of products in the industry is common. Some so-called brand furniture manufacturers have outsourced small factories to cheap Products to reduce costs. The industry entry barrier is relatively low. In order to quickly increase market share, many short-sighted companies will not hesitate to adopt non-standard competitive behavior to obtain sales and disrupt the market order. Some companies that insist on winning by quality have been severely hit in disorderly competition.


Fewer office furniture stores


Some large-scale furniture stores, civilian homes still occupy the main shops in major stores, and there are not many stores with more concentrated office furniture. It is understood that the current marketing model of the office furniture industry is still traditional. Most office furniture companies still use traditional methods such as door-to-door sales, bidding, exhibitions, and catalog marketing. With the continuous improvement of the environmental protection standards of imported furniture in Europe and the United States, a large number of Chinese furniture export enterprises have substantially shifted their sales direction to the domestic market. Many office furniture companies began to actively transform, while improving the quality of furniture, pay attention to the improvement of brand influence. (Editor: Peter)


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