Shenjia Exhibition opened today

March 19, the 28th Shenzhen furniture exhibition opening on the first day, Ronglin Shi Jia furniture brands sued the organizing committee Sen furniture "Grand" series of copying its "Kyocera" series, and issued a "Kyocera" Product The design patent certificate is expected to be fair to Ronglin Shijia.

The " Kyocera " series of Ronglin Shijia was launched for sale as early as four or five years ago, and is currently selling well in some first- and second-tier cities across the country, with Beijing selling the best. The " Kyocera " product design patent was approved a few years ago. According to Feng Tao, a lawyer representing Ronglin Shijia, the " Great View " series exhibited by Bosen at this time has suspected plagiarism in at least three products. However, the Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee has not formally accepted the allegation of infringement due to lack of a copy of the plaintiff's ID card and other relevant materials.

Ronglin Shijia "Kyocera" series product design patent certificate

Xu Wentao, legal adviser of the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, pointed out that the rights protection of the exhibition is commonplace as a neutral party. As a neutral party, they must follow the relevant procedures. If Ronglin World Canon issues its current lack of documents and materials, the rights protection team of the organizing committee will officially accept it. In this case of rights protection, the rights protection team will be sent to the Bosen Pavilion for professional identification immediately. If the allegations are true, they will be ordered to stop displaying plagiarized products and Ronglin Shijia will be fair.

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