Buy laminate flooring skills and daily maintenance

How to choose to strengthen the floor and can not follow the walk, strengthen the floor durable, the price is not expensive. Experts say that apart from choosing a reliable brand, there are ten other indicators that one has to look at.

Ten Tips to Buy Laminate Flooring:
First, the surface wear-resistant rotation

The degree of wear of the laminate flooring is determined by the surface wear layer and is expressed in terms of wear resistance. The home is generally around 6,000 rpm, and about 10,000 rpm in public places. Nowadays, there are four main types of wear-resisting layers for laminate flooring on the market: floors with a content of about 30 g per square meter of aluminum trioxide have an abrasion resistance of about 4,000 rpm, and a wear resistance of about 38 deg. The wear resistance of about 44g is about 9000 rpm; the wear resistance of about 6g is about 8000 rpm.

Second, the free formaldehyde content

Laminate flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde in the adhesive. Excess formaldehyde is harmful to the human body. If the human body is exposed to formaldehyde in a high concentration for a long period of time, it may cause cancer. China has already issued mandatory standards for air formaldehyde concentration in public places. The regulations do not exceed According to the national regulations, the formaldehyde content of laminate flooring is not more than 30mg/00g, preferably less than 9mg/00g.

Third, the water absorption thickness expansion rate

The higher the index, the more inflated the floor. The state stipulates that this indicator is within %.

IV. Internal bond strength

The quality of the glue between the internal fibers of the substrate is reflected. The greater the strength, the tighter the bonding between the layers of the wooden floor. The national regulations stipulate that the index should be above the Map.

Fifth, the surface is resistant to cigarette burning

Put the cigarette on the floor to see whether the surface has cracks, dark spots or blisters. If not, the floor will have better flame retardancy.

Six, density

The higher the density, the better the mechanical properties of the product and the better the impact resistance. However, under the same conditions, the water-absorption thickness expansion ratio is too large and the dimensional stability is worse; in addition, the higher the density, the more the product cost will increase.

Seven, static bending strength and elastic modulus

These two are important indicators that reflect the mechanical strength of the product, mainly determined by the quality of wood and glue, and ultimately reflected in the combination of floor and gutter resistance to damage. The higher the index, the better the flexural strength of the floor against external forces.

Eight, scratch-resistant surface

The scratch resistance on the surface reflects the product's ability to resist sharp hard objects. The higher the surface scratch resistance, the stronger the resistance to sharp hard objects.

Nine, surface impact resistance

Consumers of this index can self-test, with a heavy ball on the surface of the product, if there is a more obvious surface depression, the impact resistance of the surface is poor.

Tenth, peeling resistance

This indicator reflects the quality of the glue between the surface decorative layer and the substrate of the laminate flooring. If the quality of the glue is poor, the decoration layer will peel after the product is used for a period of time.

For the above ten items, consumers cannot determine their own products. Only look at product test reports. Once on the market, simply determining the quality of laminate flooring with wear-resistance and free formaldehyde content is not comprehensive; in addition, the market price of such flooring varies greatly, but not the higher the price, the better the quality, because of the impact on price. The factors are various, and consumers must fully consider and comprehensively consider various technical indicators and trade-offs.