What kind of office feng shui helps you raise your salary?

The best office feng shui level is facing the east, back against the wall, no beam pressing, no right door, tea room and toilet. This position is more conducive to the use of their talents and talents, easy to be reused by the boss, promotion and salary increase. However, ordinary employees who do not have a separate office are generally unable to choose their own seats or are not allowed to move their desks at will. Can we only wait for the decline? Of course not, we will teach you some small coups, as long as you make some minor adjustments, even if you are not in Feng Shui, you can strengthen your promotion and salary increase.

Pioneering type: seven kills, broken army, cheap, greedy wolf

If the pioneering type is to succeed in the business, then we must pay attention to restraining one's impulsive and reluctant side, and strengthen good communication with colleagues and superiors. To make up for this in the wind and water, you can place round and wide evergreen plants in your office area, or put a bunch of light flowers such as white or light pink or light yellow on your desk (the number of flowers needed) For even numbers, it will help you to expel you, so that the boss can appreciate you and trust you.

Leadership: Ziwei, Tianfu, Wuqu, Tianxiang

Change the chair with a high backrest. If the company does not configure it, for the future, then buy a bite by yourself. Its purpose is to enhance the power of “backing up” and enhance the intensity of the slogan, so that you can be more harmonious in interpersonal relationships, human resources can be used, and the distance of success can be shortened. And this kind of "resting on the mountain" can be pre-emptive but not subject to people.

Support type: sun, giant gate, heaven

The most lacking in the workplace is the competitiveness and the driving force for the desire for rights. As the saying goes, "The soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers." The mentality of climbing up is lacking. How can it be a big weapon? So you must You have to buy a tower and put it back on your desk. Choose crystal or metal. The tower symbolizes the high step by step, can enhance your position drive and competitiveness, and naturally can make your career pattern open.

Cooperation type: Taiyin, Tianliang, Tiantong

On the left side of the office countertop is the individual dragon position, strengthening the strength of the dragon, you can enhance your mobility and strong working atmosphere. Cooperative people only need to move important office supplies (such as computer and file data holder) on the left side of the desk to present a strong dragon, enhance your initiative and enthusiasm, and make you successful in your career. .