What should you watch out for when installing cables?

1,6kv and above cable connectors.

A. When installing the cable terminal, the semi-conducting shield must be stripped, and the insulation must not be damaged during operation. Knife marks and irregularities should be avoided. If necessary, sandpaper should be used to grind; the shield end should be flat and the graphite should be put. The layer (carbon particles) is cleared.

B. The end of the plastic insulated cable copper shield and steel pick must be well grounded. This principle should also be followed for the short circuit to avoid the induced electromotive force at the end of the steel crucible during the unbalanced operation of the three phases, and even to “fire” and burn the jacket. Other accidents. The first grounding lead of the cable plant of the Tianjin Cable Factory must be tinned and woven. When soldered with the copper tape, it must be soldered. Soldering should not be carried out with a torch to avoid burning insulation.

C. The three-phase copper shield should be connected to the ground wire separately. Note that the shield grounding wire and the steel wire grounding wire should be led out separately and insulated from each other. The position of the welding ground wire should be as low as possible.

2, the basic requirements of the cable terminal and intermediate joints: a. good conductor connection; b. reliable insulation, recommended radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable silicon rubber insulation material; c. sealed well; d. sufficient mechanical strength, Can adapt to various operating conditions.

3, cable ends must be waterproof, and the erosion of other corrosive materials to prevent the breakdown of the insulating layer caused by water trees.

4. The cable must be loaded and unloaded by cranes or forklifts. It is forbidden to lay flat and lay flat. When large cables are installed, the cable car must be used to prevent the cable from being damaged by external forces or scratching the insulation due to manual dragging.

5. If the cable cannot be laid in time for any reason, it should be stored in a dry place to prevent sunlight exposure and water ingress at the end of the cable.

6. The distance between the mining cable and the heat pipe should be kept at a distance of 2m and 0.5m when crossing.

7. Keep a distance of 0.5m when the cable is installed parallel or crosswise to other pipes.

8. When the cable is directly buried and installed, the depth of direct burial of the 1-35kV cable shall not be less than 0.7m.

9, 10kV and below the parallel installation of cables with a net distance of not less than 0.1m, 10-35kV not less than 0.25m, the distance when crossing is not less than 0.5m.

10, the minimum bending radius of the cable, multi-core cable shall not be less than 15D, single-core cable shall not be less than 20D (D is the cable diameter).