Four Feng Shui knowledge that must be known for kitchen decoration

The kitchen is responsible for the health of the whole family, and the kitchen feng shui also has a huge impact on people's health. In Feng Shui, what feng shui taboos should be observed in kitchen decoration design? Xiao Bian interviewed the decoration experts, and I have summarized the feng shui knowledge that must be known for the four kitchen decoration design.

Four Feng Shui knowledge that must be known for kitchen decoration

First, the kitchen stove is a place for cooking and cooking, it is very hot, so it is not appropriate to face the door, otherwise it will be unfavorable to the people in the room, there will be vomiting and vomiting. The stove is hot, because the fumes produced during the frying are not suitable for the human body, so the stove is not good for the main entrance, especially the sleeping room is not suitable.

Second, the kitchen stove taboo back to the reverse of the home to avoid reverse, that is, the stove is the opposite of the sitting direction of the house, for example, the house is sitting south to the north, and the stove is sitting north to south, it is not good. In the traditional Chinese concept of Feng Shui, the kitchen stove is considered to be a place to cook and feed, so it should not be too exposed, especially if it is not suitable for being imported by the doorway, otherwise it will be worn out at home, which is just like the ancient book. : Open the door to the stove, the consumption of livestock and more.

Third, the stove should be behind the wall, it should not be empty, if the transparent glass behind it is not good, because this is just like the ancient book: "Where the stove, avoid the window light, the main murder." The stove is a fire, and the water channel is drainage Things, water and fire are not allowed, so the two should not be close, if the stove powder is placed on the waterway is not good.

4. In Feng Shui, the kitchen is facing west, especially the cooking stove is exposed by Xiyang. It is unlucky to think that this will damage the health of everyone in the family. It is not advisable to shoot at a sharp angle: Feng Shui thinks that sharp corners are sharp and easy to cause damage. Therefore, it is very taboo for sharp corner shots, and the stove is a place for cooking and feeding. If it is shot by a sharp corner, it will be healthy for the family. It is lossy.