LCD splicing screen selection is suitable for themselves

In recent years, the market for liquid crystal splicing screens has been rapidly expanding. Not only the number of manufacturers has grown, but the number of users has also been expanding. Since LCD splicing screens have not entered the domestic market very early, many users do not understand it well, so users are When you buy a LCD splicing screen, you must carefully understand what features it has and its practicality. We must observe whether the structure is firm, whether it can meet the needs of long working hours, and whether the effect is beautiful or not. The technology will give you a brief introduction to the purchase of LCD splicing screen should pay attention to some matters.

First of all, to choose a long-life product, LCD splicing screen is a modern advanced power electronics technology, embedded hardware splicing technology, signal switching technology, machinery manufacturing as one, are indispensable. The biggest advantage of the liquid crystal splicing system is that its unit body is thin, the color reproduction is good, the service life is long, and the splicing method is more flexible. The ordinary LCD splicing screen does not support 24-hour use day and night; professional narrow-side design of the LCD screen is an industrial-grade panel, which supports continuous use 24 hours a day and night in open air public places.

Second, the best choice for ultra-narrow frame design of the LCD splicing screen, if that ordinary LCD splicing screen for splicing, then the splicing gap of at least 60mm, which will seriously affect the visual effects, usually is unacceptable to the user. With the continuous updating of new technologies, users now need to use ultra-narrow edge design products. Currently, the minimum splicing gap is only 5.3 to 5.5 mm, which brings users clearer picture quality.

Third, choose an easily accepted ultra-wide viewing angle. The greater the viewing angle, the less the audience is limited by the angle of viewing. In general, the viewing angle of the LCD screen has been able to reach vertical and horizontal. degree. In terms of brightness, since the current LCD splicing is mostly used indoors, the brightness is sufficient, and it is not necessary to pursue high brightness blindly.

Finally, pay attention to the manufacturer's after-sales service, because the LCD splicing screen system involves more products, technical content is also relatively high, if there is a problem requires professional maintenance, so the manufacturer's after-sales service is particularly important, 烽颢 烽颢 technology is professional and bigger The screen after the sale of the manufacturers, is your trusted choice.