Pvc cabinet door material

Pvc is one of the types of materials used to make cabinet door panels. This issue is explained by different types of PVC cabinet door panels.

Type 1: Blister-type cabinet door panel

MDF is used as the base material for boring and milling. It is formed by imported PVC veneer after hot pressing and blistering. It has rich color, unique shape, realistic wood grain, pure monochrome color, no cracking and no deformation, scratch resistance and resistance. It is a mature cabinet material with heat, stain resistance and fade resistance. Generally, the PVC film is 0.6mm thick, and it is also used with 1.0mm thick high brightness. The color is like high-grade mirror paint, and the grade is very high. Since the four sides of the door panel can be sealed after being blistered, it is not necessary to seal the edge, which solves the problem that the edge sealing may be opened after a long time, which is called "no defect sheet" by foreign countries.

At present, the domestic PVC plastic door panels are currently very poor, and the German high-gloss and Korean matt plastic door panels are relatively good in quality and very popular.

Type 2: Molded cabinet door panels

Molded cabinet door is one of the most commonly used door panels in Europe. It is made of MDF and is made of veneer PVC as a veneer. It is divided into two categories: matt molded plate and high-gloss molded plate, which can be processed into various shapes. The surface mold has domestic imports, and imports are generally imported from South Korea, Japan, and Germany. The difference between imported and domestic is the thickness and thinness of the face mold, and the wear resistance. High-gloss molded door panels are the latest material to replace the painted door panels. The masks are currently only imported from Germany. The most popular ones on the market are Xilinmen. “SKC” (produced in Guangdong) has several colors, which are more expensive.

Summary of pvc cabinet door material characteristics:

High-molecular polymer (pvc) belongs to the new material of the cabinet door panel. It is double-stick inside and outside, no oil leakage, no water seepage, scratch resistance, also called plastic plate, the substrate is MDF, the surface is vacuum-blended or Adopting a seamless PVC film forming process, it is the most mature cabinet material, affordable, suitable for people's lives.

Advantages: The material of the pvc cabinet door panel is not cracked, deformed, scratch resistant, stain resistant and fade resistant. Rich in color, realistic wood grain, pure color monochrome. The seamless PVC film forming process does not require edge sealing, and there is no problem of opening the glue. Daily maintenance is also very simple, no special maintenance is required; Disadvantages: Because the surface is PVC film, the high temperature resistance is poor.

Note: It is best not to smoke in the kitchen, the temperature of the cigarette will burn the film on the surface of the board.

In addition to pvc materials, cabinet door panels include crystal door panels, metal door panels, mirror resin panels, double-framed door panels, aluminum door frame glass door panels, and porcelain door panels. Interested friends can also learn more.