Inventory management of rolling bearings

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Inventory management of rolling bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-07-02

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Rolling bearings are high-precision mechanical components; their connotation and appearance quality requirements are very strict; therefore, it is necessary to keep the inventory of the inventory in order to avoid damage; the bearings are not damaged in the inventory time; the accuracy is reduced or the quality is degraded.
The main reasons for the loss of bearing stocks are as follows:
(1) The impact and oscillation of the inbound and outbound transfer process caused the bearing to be bruised.
(2) Because the oil seal is poorly packaged or the oil seal exceeds the useful period; or the warehouse environment is poor, the bearing corrosion is formed.
(3) The temperature of the warehouse is not suitable or poorly handled; the metallographic arrangement of the bearing is changed faster; the accuracy of its scale and shape is reduced.
Therefore, the skill mission of the bearing warehouse to handle the operation is as follows:
(1) to avoid damage to the bearing during the transfer process of entering and leaving the warehouse,
(2) Avoid bearing rust during stock time; rust removal for rusted bearings,
(3) Reduce the loss of precision of the bearing in stock time as much as possible,
(4) Ensure bearing supply; it will not affect the production due to the shortage of bearings.
(5) Reduce the bearing inventory by the maximum limit; save money and land,
(6) Reasonable distribution; making the bearing useful for use without overstocking,
(7) Investigate and calculate the bearing operation and summarize the experience; summarize the experience; to improve the bearing supply and inventory; use and selection work.

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