Precautions when taking the elevator

Precautions when taking the elevator It is reported that 13 elevators in a office building in Fuyang, Hubei squeezed 18 people. The staff shouted for a long time and no one would agree. Due to serious overloading, the elevator fell directly from the first floor to the first floor. Fortunately, through the rescue of property companies and fire brigades, trapped personnel were all rescued, only a false alarm. Today, Xiao Bian tells you what to watch out for when taking the elevator.

1. When passengers are in the elevator, they must consciously queue up in order and avoid “fighting for fear” and overweight crowding.

2. When the passengers are on the elevator, they must check whether the elevator car is on the ground. Do not enter the elevator blindly to prevent unexpected accidents where the landing door is open and the car is not in this floor and falls into the hoistway accident.

3. When passengers enter the car, they should not use the body to prevent the elevator from closing the door or back against the security touch panel. It is also forbidden to forcibly move the closed elevator door.

4. After passengers enter the car, they must press the operation button correctly, and they must not disassemble other facilities to prevent man-made accidents.

5. When a passenger encounters a power outage or a fault occurs in the elevator car, be patient and wait for the staff to come forward. Do not panic and forcefully open the door.

6, take the elevator to follow the social morality, avoid slapstick play, spitting, litter and paper debris and other debris.

7. It is forbidden to take the elevator when there is a fire or an earthquake and when the elevator fails.

Finally, I added: No matter how urgent the time is, we must remember safety first, life only once, it is so short, and how worthy of our cherishing and nostalgia.