Seven tips for small apartment second-hand house decoration design

With the continuous increase in housing prices, second-hand housing is favored by everyone, but the small-family second-hand housing decoration is also a concern for everyone. The second-hand housing decoration is not as simple as the new house decoration in some details, so what should be paid attention to in the small-sized second-hand house decoration design? Here, the following small series will tell you the seven skills of small-sized second-hand house decoration design.

First, highlight the use of functions

In the decoration of small apartment, the function and interest should be the key point, and the commonality and individuality of the family should be unified in the space division and home decoration. In the flat layout, the design of the small apartment usually meets the practical functions first, and the functional partitions, the flow routes and some large furniture are arranged reasonably. The open kitchen or living room, dining room and other methods can be used to increase the indoor layering and decorative effect by utilizing the space that penetrates each other without affecting the function of use. For example, the meeting area and the dining area are all active and lively areas that can be arranged in the same space, while sleep and learning need to be relatively quiet and can be included in the same space. Therefore, visitors, meals and sleep, learning should be spatially rigid or soft. If the room is small and you want to have your own independent space, then use the screen, sliding door or use movable furniture to replace the original closed partition wall in the living room, and make the wall "live", so that the whole space is available. Translucent.

Second, the accessories are small and exquisite

In the decoration, the small-sized family should try not to have complicated decoration, and have a unified element in each functional partition. Because the house is small, the accessories are less and more refined. The furnishings must be focused, orderly, and too many things to make people feel annoyed when they see them. The windows do not need to be decorated more, and the heavy curtains are used less. The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the decoration of the whole room, and the thin metal strips are used for the curtains. If the bedroom is small, it is best not to use large curtains. Use the same wallpaper in the kitchen, bedroom and foyer to make the room look big. For example, the kitchen and the bathroom are replaced by transparent glass instead of the partition wall; the wall on the back of the restaurant is equipped with a mirror to increase the brightness, etc., so that it is not only small but also very modern, and the small room will be full of romance. Feelings.

Third, the furniture is simple and compact

Small-sized furniture must be taken into consideration when designing. How to separate the functions of the living room in a limited space, but also have internal connections and no crowding, which depends to a large extent on the form and size of the furniture. . Furniture with simple shape, light texture and small size, especially those that can be combined, disassembled and stored at will, are suitable for small houses. Or choose a small, relatively high-quality furniture that can accommodate a large number of items without wasting space. For example, in the study room furniture, in the small room, it is necessary to put down the computer desk, but also to add a large bookshelf or bookcase, it seems to be a bit crowded, so in the choice, of course, you must choose the overall study with a collection effect. You can also consider some versatile furniture, such as a sofa bed. It is a sofa during the day and a bed at night. Guests coming home are not worried about not being able to live. There is no need to add more “decoration” to the window, use less heavy curtains, and use thin curtains; the wall opposite the window can hold a large mirror, which can enlarge the view of the room and increase the three-dimensional sense; the same wallpaper can be used in the bedroom and the foyer. The room looks spacious; make the most of the corners of the bedroom and have small furniture.

Fourth, the line should be straight and not straight

Small apartment decoration, it is best not to do the ceiling, if the owner particularly likes the design of the ceiling, it is best to choose the ceiling in the form of a curve, which can add some layering to the room, which is better than the ordinary straight ceiling. Effect. By the same token, in some accessories, the owner can also select some designs or accessories that are gradually narrowed from the bottom to the top. For example, some trapezoidal items can also achieve good results.

Fifth, the furniture should be simple and not suitable for

The living room is small, and if you put on some large and complicated furniture, even if the furniture is expensive and beautiful, it can only be self-defeating. Jinan small-sized decoration picture designer said that small-sized apartment rooms must not be greedy in the arrangement of furniture, we must do our best and strive for simplicity. For example, IKEA furniture is characterized by simplicity, and can be combined and disassembled in structure, and the color is mainly light color. At the same time, these furniture can also function as a lot of things, not It will affect "memory" because of its small size.

Sixth, the light source should be down

Most households are most accustomed to the location of the light source on the ceiling, but in small units, if you can boldly put the light source on the ground, you can have an unexpected effect on the expansion of the living room vision. The designer said that the bottom-up light source design can make the vertical space of the room appear wider, which can reduce the compactness even when the light hits the face directly.

Of course, not everyone is happy to choose the light source, and it is limited by the conditions of the house. This may be difficult to do. However, if you must choose the light source, in order to make the house bigger, you can also choose the kind of lamps that can be folded into a curve, such as halogen brushed lamps. This curved light source allows light to spread as much as possible into every corner of the room without creating too many vignetting angles, which also gives a translucent and spacious feel.

Seven, the color should be light and not thick

Many people are now willing to paint their own homes with some personality, but in small units, if you use too full and dignified colors, it will easily lead to oppressive and cramped feelings. On the contrary, the brighter colors in the cool colors are just right for small units. These colors can give people a sense of diffusion and backwardness. The picture of Jinan small apartment makes people think that the space is bigger than the actual one. Can bring people a relaxed, happy psychological feeling.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is Xiaobian today to provide you with small knowledge about small-family second-hand housing decoration design skills, if you do not understand where to decorate small apartment second-hand can refer to this article, I hope to help everyone.