Germany's advanced CNC machine technology makes the manufacturing industry more efficient

In recent years, German CNC machine tools continue to work hard in high precision, high speed, high efficiency, compounding, etc., and deeply demonstrate the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.

1. Advanced technology to improve the efficiency of CNC machining

Improve CNC machining efficiency to improve cutting speed, feed rate, jerk, reduce tool change time, loading and unloading time, etc., such as linear feed speed of 150m / min, acceleration 1g.

(1) Adopt linear motor and torque motor to shorten the transmission chain and improve the dynamic characteristics of the system.

(2) Lightweight design: The structure of the moving parts is optimized, and composite materials such as carbon fiber are used to reduce the quality of moving parts. For example, lightweight parts of automobile parts are made of carbon fiber material, die-casting, temperature control at 150 ° C, vacuum extrusion, and hot press curing. The material has high strength and light weight, and is about 30% lighter than metal materials. It can be used as a replacement material for major parts such as automobile casings. BMW and Mercedes-Benz use this material for the chassis and body. EEW company moving machine part in a large number of carbon fiber material, for large span gantry moving type machine, high-speed dynamic motion.

(3) Use the electric spindle to increase the spindle speed.

(4) Exchange workbench, refueling time 2.2s, improve loading and unloading efficiency.

(5) Robot loading and unloading, instead of manual loading and unloading.

(6) High acceleration, from 50m/s3 to 150m/s3, and processing efficiency increased by 30%.

(7) After the second tool change, the tool change time is shortened to less than 1 s.

2. Advanced technology for composite processing

In addition to the conventional milling and turning machine tools and twin-spindle machine tools , Aachen University of Technology explores milling and laser surface treatment compounding, milling on low-hardness and toughness matrix materials, and then welding on the surface by laser processing. The upper layer has special properties; the German EEW cooperates with Hugo Rost to synthesize X-ray inspection equipment on the wind turbine blade five-axis machining machine , which realizes milling and flaw detection in one setup.

3. Advanced technology to improve machining accuracy

(1) Cooling of heating elements in CNC machine tools , such as linear drive primary and secondary, CNC rotary table, spindle cooling, etc., to reduce the impact of thermal deformation on machine tool accuracy. The positioning accuracy is 6 μm, and the repeat positioning accuracy is 4 μm.

(2) The application of GPS positioning technology in improving assembly accuracy.

4. Modular machine technology

German machine tool companies have a very fine division of labor, and the concept of modularity runs through the entire process of machine tool production:

(1) Modular design of machine tools : modularization and rational division of machine tools , electromechanical and hydraulic integration design.

(2) According to the modular design results, the motor, screw, guide rail, tool magazine and other components are directly purchased, and the parts such as the frame, column and beam are processed externally, so that most machine tool enterprises do not carry out or add a small amount.

(3) Modular assembly: In order to improve the assembly efficiency of the machine tool , component-level assembly (including electro-hydraulic liquid gas) is carried out first, and the modules have convenient interfaces, which makes the module more independent and convenient for transportation and assembly.

5. Intelligent automated machine tool technology

One of the manifestations of German high-tech development strategy in machine tools is the digital factory, the automation of production and processing, energy saving and adapt to various requirements.

The small-scale parts logistics in HEIDENHAIN uses fully automatic intelligent AGV vehicles, which realizes automatic planning, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic door opening and closing, automatic up and down elevators, etc., with high intelligence.

The development trend of German machine tool equipment is automation, high efficiency and energy saving. In addition to meeting the basic processing functions, the machine tool equipment gradually provides integrated and automated solutions for users. For example, Trumpf not only sells machine tools in China, but more importantly, it plans and provides integrated automobile manufacturing workshops, production lines and equipment for Chinese automobile manufacturers. Its products use automatic loading and unloading devices to make machine processing efficiency and automation. Greatly improve.

BMW Auto and Motorcycle Frame Automated Manufacturing Line was previously manufactured by hand. The Kasruer University Machine Tool Research Institute uses machine tools , space forming technology, machine tool numerical control system control, robot machining forming, automatic cutting, process automatic control, and measuring machine station. measurement processing, drilling and other subsequent processes, automated assembly and welding process. Research is being carried out on the adaptive machining process of different models, and the whole process will be completed by robot automation in the future.

6. Other machine technology

1 three-point support, no need to lay the foundation. 2 ergonomics, better proximity. 3 green manufacturing advanced technology. 4 micro-lubrication, low-temperature micro-lubrication MQL. 5 liquid nitrogen cooling technology. 6 energy-saving equipment.

Germany has completely stopped nuclear power and plans to fully adopt renewable energy by 2050. This not only challenges the energy sector, but also demands energy-saving equipment for the machine tool manufacturing industry.