What are the plants that can be transported indoors?

Do you like to place plants indoors? In fact, some plants are used for operation. If the recent years are unfavorable, you may wish to place the plants for transshipment. In addition, there are quite a lot of plants to be shipped, what kind of varieties should be placed? What are the precautions? Look at the experts' suggestions.


Efficacy: Chrysanthemum has longevity, increasing the symbol of blessing, and contributing to the stability of the magnetic field.

Note: Longevity chrysanthemums and cosmos are suitable for home, but pay attention to the problem of sunlight and insects.

Placement: suitable for home

Flowers that cannot be ignored in the room

2, kumquat

Efficacy: The appearance of orange and gold is clear, and the meaning of gold and silver treasures is quite helpful for increasing financial resources.

Note: Do not pull out the kumquats, and the litter should be cleaned up from time to time.

Placement: suitable for home

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3. Daffodil

Efficacy: avoiding evil and removing cockroaches, bringing good luck and good luck.

Note: Narcissus is like a green onion before it blooms. It is very important to maintain its freshness.

Placement: suitable for home

4, rich bamboo

Efficacy: Also known as "Wan Nian Bamboo", it is a popular "money tree", symbolizing lucky.

Note: Do not pour too much water, lest the roots rot.

Placement: suitable for home

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5, pine

Efficacy: The so-called "welcome pine", using the characteristics of pine and cypress, to promote a harmonious atmosphere between people.

Note: If there is sufficient sunlight, do not put it in a dark corner.

Place: suitable for office

6, orchid

Efficacy: Aggregate popularity, master power, and expand interpersonal relationships.

Note: Orchids are not easy to raise, so take more care.

Place: suitable for office

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7, cactus

Efficacy: In the office, there is the effect of preventing villains and increasing self-defense ability.

Note: Barbed cactus is not suitable for placement in the bedroom, otherwise it will cause disputes.

Place: suitable for office

Choosing the right plant to place the pot at home can not only play the role of decoration, but also has many flowers and various practical functions. In addition to these, what is more important is what is said today: it can bring you good luck! Why do you not do it in one fell swoop?