A new generation of intelligent substations helps the transformation of a single device

The new generation of smart substations is another milestone in the transformation of power grid development modes and technological innovation. As an important support node for a unified and strong smart grid, smart substations will realize the transition from professional design to overall integrated design, and also require the transformation of a smart device to a smart primary device. This puts higher requirements on primary equipment.

"For example, for transformers, the requirements for the development of integrated smart transformers have been proposed; for switchgears, the requirements for more advanced equipment such as the development of intelligent circuit breaker systems and isolated circuit breaker systems have been requested." Recently, Deputy Chief Engineer of Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research and Development Center Wen Bing said.

It is understood that at present, manufacturers have begun to value and use new sensor technologies and smart components, but smart transformers still have problems such as insecurity and environmental protection. Experts in this regard believe that the development of integrated intelligent transformers, improve the safety and reliability of transformers, strengthen the research of new materials, new processes, new designs, optimize the main vertical insulation structure, moderately increase the insulation margin of transformers, and ensure that the design values ​​match the actual values. It is very important to achieve real energy saving and consumption reduction and environmental protection.

Zhang Wenbing said that the use of new materials such as nanometer and oxygen-free copper plays an important role in improving the energy conservation and environmental protection level of transformers. The power electronic transformer integrating reactive power compensation and power quality control can realize smooth control of the active, reactive and voltage of the power grid, and will be an important direction for the future development of transformers.

In terms of circuit breakers, the industry believes that it is working hard to achieve reliable performance, high integration of functions, small footprint, and low engineering costs. For example, the development of integrated intelligent circuit breakers that can increase the level of intelligence in isolated circuit breakers can be realized. Intelligent arc-extinguishing motor-driven circuit breaker, intelligent high-voltage switch that can realize state maintenance of switchgear and self-regulation.

Zhang Wenbing believes that in the future, we must pay attention to the development of superconducting equipment, such as superconducting fault current limiter, superconducting energy storage system, and so on.

According to relevant agencies' forecasts, the superconducting product market has a potential scale of 100 billion yuan. Among them, “the potential market for superconducting current limiters is huge, because superconducting current limiters are the only products that can solve the short circuit current and protect the circuit. Nowadays, domestic superconducting materials mainly rely on imports from the United States and Japan, and superconducting materials account for superconductivity. About 50% of the product cost. Therefore, the localization of superconducting materials will become the focus of the development of the domestic superconducting industry,” said one industry analyst.

With the construction of a new generation of smart substations, the development momentum of smart grids has become more rapid. All manufacturing companies have attacked and increased efforts to develop new products to seize market opportunities.