Bedroom wallpaper paint pk wallpaper

Is the bedroom wallpaper good? Is it better to use paint or wallpaper? This is a problem that many owners are more entangled. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the problem of bedroom wallpaper. Let’s take a look at the paint and wallpaper together. Pk, which is better?

Bedroom stickers wallpaper good first round: price paint wins

Price is a big factor in the many people who are preparing to decorate or are renovating. Buying a house itself has already squandered it, and the decoration can save the province. However, from the price point of view, the use of latex space is about 20L for a virtual space of 100 square meters. For a mid-end brand, it costs about 800 yuan. If you choose to paste wallpaper, then you need about 40 volumes of wallpaper, also choose the mid-end brand of products, about 5,000 yuan, but also 15 barrels of glue, the price of potato starch glue at the mid-end price of 50 yuan / barrel, glue price Need 750 yuan, and also need to apply the base film before the wallpaper, so that the glue is more viscous, it will also cost about 600 yuan. Overall, the cost of wallpapering is about 8 times the price of brush coating.

Bedroom stickers wallpaper good second round: color wallpaper wins

The price of wallpaper is so many times more expensive than paint. Why do so many people choose it? This has to be mentioned that its color is outstanding! Wallpapers are generally divided into non-woven fabrics, non-woven papers, paper-based laminated films, etc. There are many kinds of colors, and the intricate transformation of the pattern textures, the effect is natural and varied. Modern and stylish minimalist style, warm and romantic pastoral style, luxurious atmosphere of European style

Style, antique Chinese style is a piece of cake for wallpaper, now many soft-packed merchants have formed wallpapers with curtains, bedding, sofas and other furniture accessories to form a similar series, custom-made choices are more humane More in line with the current fashion trends in the home industry. In contrast, painted

The pattern of the material is relatively simple. Although many paint merchants have a color grading system, the original white paint can be added to the color to change the color, but only the color change does not seem to meet the needs of modern people.

Bedroom stickers wallpaper good third round: construction process paint wins

For the construction process, the coating is slightly easier. In the state of the rough room, whether it is painting or wallpapering, it is necessary to first level the wall with plaster, and then scrape the 2-3 times of putty to ensure the smoothness of the wall. After that, the choice of paint and wallpaper is the link. If you choose the paint here, you need to brush it twice, once again the primer, or choose the two-in-one paint to brush it again. If you choose to paste the wallpaper, you need to apply a base film, then apply glue, and finally paste the wallpaper. Because the average wallpaper can be laid 5.3 flat, when you paste the wallpaper, you need to find the seams that can be collaged. The pattern makes the overall feeling consistent and smooth, which obviously increases the difficulty in the wallpaper paving process.

Bedroom stickers wallpaper, good fourth round: environmental protection

Speaking of environmental protection, in the end, the paint wallpaper is good, it must be clear in this era of "aldehyde" discoloration. For the coatings of general manufacturers, the environmental protection factor is very good, but for

For wallpapers, there are still a lot of gaps in the market compared to latex paints due to the unevenness of the market. Most of the formaldehyde produced by wallpapers comes from the glue that pastes the wallpaper. If the inferior glue is applied to the entire wall, the indoor formaldehyde concentration can be imagined. Therefore, the choice of glue directly determines the environmental performance of the wallpaper. Now there are two kinds of high-quality wallpaper glue on the market: potato starch glue and glutinous rice glue. In terms of environmental protection, they all belong to pure plant glue, and the price is generally 50 yuan. / Barrel up and down, both environmentally friendly and economical.

Bedroom stickers wallpaper good fifth round: maintenance paint wins

For the later maintenance work, the paint generally does not need special care. Once it has dirt, it can be dried with a damp rag. The high-quality paint has strong scrub resistance and long service life. Rubbing 8-10 years will still be the style. For wallpaper, the scratch resistance of pure paper wallpaper is relatively poor, the scrubbing performance of paper-based lamination is slightly better, but the air permeability of the wall is not good, which may lead to aging, sanding and degumming of the wall, and at the same time, it may lead to people. Feeling uncomfortable indoors. If the quality of the wallpaper is not good or there is a problem with the construction process, there will be a phenomenon of curling, which may be caused by the paint after 2-3 years of laying the wallpaper.