Oscillating analysis method for the diagnosis of rolling bearing problems

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Oscillating analysis method for the diagnosis of rolling bearing problems

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First, the early evaluation of rolling bearings 1, the water pump motor diagnosis I plant 6 # feed pump motor replaced the new bearing during maintenance; after the operation of the motor heating (78 or so); suspected bearing quality is not qualified; preliminary repair. Tested and Analyze the oscillating spectrum; because the oscillation speed value is very. Fan Fan 拗 拗 拗 课 猓 猓 猓 猓 猓 猓 猓 猓 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( . . . . . . . . . . . . No fever appearance.
2, boiler ball mill motor diagnosis 3, 5 # boiler ball mill motor repair replacement bearing; oscillation overrun; and there are abnormal sounds; can be seen through the test analysis; bearing fault frequency and the resulting noise harmonic oscillation speed has exceeded the normative value The quality of the bearing is poor. After replacing the qualified bearing, the equipment works normally.
Second, the deterioration period detection when the oscillation speed exceeds 3mms; if the spectrum analysis proves that the rolling bearing fault characteristics; it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of the bearing; in order to timely disposal; to prevent problems.
Seen from the spectrogram; the bearing fault frequency and the noise harmonics that occur are significant; the bearing is degraded; the monitoring needs to be strengthened;
When the oscillation speed exceeds 7mms (15~300kW rotating equipment), it is necessary to replace the bearing in time; avoid forming equipment problems.
It is necessary to accurately diagnose the damaged part of the bearing; to use the professor's profiling software such as Zhentong 904; to present a detailed diagnosis statement.

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