Key points of summer cultivation techniques for greenhouse Chinese cabbage

The greenhouse cultivation of greenhouse Chinese cabbage has the following technical points:

Cover the shade net in the greenhouse or small arch shed in time after planting. Water once a day in the afternoon, as appropriate. After emergence, the seedlings were divided into two seedlings, the first time was 3-4 days after unearthing , and the second time was 3-4 pieces of true leaf time seedlings, the seedling distance was 7-10 cm. After the second time, the seedlings are poured with fertilizer water, and then fertilized until 3-4 days before planting . Remove the shading net refining for more than one week before planting.

Choose sunny afternoons and cloudy days. Before the seedlings are taken, the seedbed is fully watered, and the water is completely infiltrated, and the soil is soiled when the bed soil is wet. After planting, water the roots and cover the shade net to slow the seedlings to survive. The row spacing is 0.3 m × 0.4 m, and 3500-4000 plants per acre are planted .

At the seedling stage, the manure and manure should be applied to the manure and urine, and the application should be carried out at a concentration of 10 % -20 %. After planting the seedlings, the pan fertilizer should be chased. Generally, 1000-1500 kg of manure per acre , or 10-15 kg of urea or 15-20 kg of ammonium sulfate , and a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied. At the beginning of the package, 1000-1500 kg of manure is applied , or 15 kg of urea , or 20-25 kg of ammonium sulfate , and 10 kg of potassium chloride . After the shape of the leaf ball is basically determined, the fertilizer is applied once again, and the manure water per acre is 500-1000 kg. Combine topdressing with water to keep the soil moist. After the ball is started, about 0.3 % urea, ammonium sulfate or potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed separately to carry out the root dressing.

Usually cultivating 1-2 times, the first time after the seedlings are fixed, the weeds can be ploughed when the weeds are removed, and the water and fertilizer are chased in time. The second time before the rosette period is over, it is only suitable for shallow tillage and cannot damage the plants. It is better to use sunny days when cultivating.


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