Flower placement in home feng shui and fortune health

It is not only the flower itself, but also a symbol of culture and taste. In the home, how to make the flowers in the landscaping environment, reflect the taste of the owner, and bring good luck to the family, it is necessary to have an understanding of the placement of flowers, which is also a kind of home feng shui.

In Chinese traditional culture, many flowers have been given a beautiful meaning, such as: plum symbolic style, chrysanthemum symbolizes high purity, peony symbolizes wealth, orchid symbolizes Jun, ... and so on.

In addition to the appreciation of flowers, scholars and literati are not arrogant, and the words describing flowers in classical literature are too numerous to enumerate. As early as in the Book of Songs, there is "Peach Blossom, Burning Its Hua", Zhou Dunyi is also praised Lotus Silt is not dyed, and it is clear and not demon. Even many names of cards and cards are related to flowers, such as "One Cut Plum", "Magnolia", "Drunken Yin" and so on.

First, don't let the flowers wither

The color of flowers can add vitality to the home furnishings. It is also better than ordinary green leaf plants in the environment. However, it needs more careful cultivation than ordinary plants. If it is inadvertently lethal, it will produce bad feng shui effect, affecting The health and luck of the occupants, so it is necessary to change the water properly and diligently manage the trimming of the stems.

Second, the flowers in the living room can be properly bright

The living room is a place where friends and family gather. You can choose some bright vases to bring a warm atmosphere to the living room. The bouquet can be appropriately larger, so that people can immediately attract the sight when they enter the living room, and the flowers are fragrant and pleasing to the eye.

The living room is generally the location of the "financial position" in Feng Shui, which is related to the fortune of the whole family. The layout of the financial position cannot be ignored. Putting flowers on the financial position, and using the anger of flowers to drive the atmosphere around, will greatly increase wealth. But be sure to pay attention to the flowers in time after the flowering period.

Third, the bedroom placed flowers to help the owner's mood

The bedroom is not only the place to sleep, but also the place where we rest and soothe our souls. Therefore, the flowers in the bedroom should be considered, considering the color, fragrance, and pattern of the flowers, which should be coordinated and beneficial to the owner's body and mind. It can be selected in combination with the walls, ceilings, floors and furniture and other decorative colors in the bedroom. If the room is cold, consider warm flowers to enhance the warm atmosphere of the bedroom. On the contrary, you can choose cool flowers, giving you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The owner has a good rest and is in a good mood. Not only the family is harmonious, but the efficiency of doing things will be greatly improved.

Fourth, the restaurant placed flowers to promote appetite

The restaurant is a place for everyone to dine and communicate. The pleasing flowers can make people feel comfortable, appetite is wide open, and appetite is increased.

It should be noted that the flowers placed on the table should not be too high, so as not to block everyone's sight, which is not conducive to communication. Flower bottles should be placed in the center of the table so that everyone can enjoy the flowers while eating.

Fifth, the flowers with light colors help to enhance the learning atmosphere of the study

The elegant flowers in the study room can be decorated with intensive and intensive decoration, adding a clean and peaceful atmosphere to the study.

The owner is here to study, work, peace of mind, and improve efficiency.

Sixth, the kitchen should first consider the cleaning of flowers

The kitchen environment must be clean and hygienic, and the flowers must be kept clean and free from pests and diseases. Moreover, the kitchen is prone to produce fumes, and the flowers placed can have the best anti-pollution ability, such as aloe, water tower flower, kidney fern, and evergreen. It can also be used as a flower arrangement with vegetables and fruit materials, which is in harmony with the kitchen environment and is also interesting.

If the kitchen is located in the western part of the living room, you can put golden flowers, narcissus and pansy on the side of the window to ease the information of the sunset and bring wealth to the owner.

Seven, the bathroom is placed with flowers to solve the effect of bathroom suffocation

The bathroom is the source of suffocation in the home, often because of the poor location of the bathroom, affecting the health of the family and other fortune. The flowers are placed in the bathroom, the beauty of the flowers is pleasing to the eye, the fragrance of the flowers is used to dilute the uncleanness of the bathroom, and the auspicious meaning of some flowers can be used to resolve the disadvantages of the bathroom, so that the host brings good luck.

Eight, the porch is placed in the flowers and flowers

Flowers are placed at the entrance, and flowers of different colors have different feng shui meanings. For example, placing pink flowers at the entrance is beneficial to interpersonal relationships; placing red flowers on the shoe cabinet at the entrance can be used as a family room. Good luck; yellow flowers are good for love; orange flowers are good for travel.

The above points are the result of combining the practice of these years and doing some summary and summary for everyone to make a reference when placing flowers.