Home improvement sensitive area waterproof battle

Water moisture is one of the most prone problems in home decoration. Waterproof three major levels, mainly concentrated in wood products, latex paint wall and bathroom decoration. The reporter learned from the relevant departments that due to these three problems, the quality disputes caused by home decoration accounted for more than 80% of the total number of renovation complaints. Therefore, in the spring decoration season for home renovation, pay special attention to the "sensitive areas" in these home improvement. Especially in the selection of materials and construction, care must be taken to avoid quality problems. The reporter also invited the construction workers of the home improvement company to make an off-site speech on the headache of waterproofing.

Waterproof first off: bathroom leakage

Tips: Strictly guard against the corners

There are three places that require high attention in the waterproofing of the bathroom: the seam between the floor, the wall and the wall, and the joint between the upper and lower water pipes and the ground.

Off-site speech: the bathroom floor waterproofing is first smoothed. If you want to replace the floor tiles of the bathroom, after you have cut the original floor tiles, you must first smooth the floor with cement mortar and then do waterproof treatment. This can prevent leakage of the waterproof coating due to uneven thickness.

Wall treatment is also very important. In the general bathroom waterproofing treatment, a waterproof coating of about 30 cm is also required on the wall to prevent water from penetrating the wall. However, if the wall of the bathroom is a non-load-bearing light-weight wall, the entire wall should be covered with waterproof paint. If your home uses a two-piece shower screen, the associated two walls should also be covered. If you use a bathtub in your home, the height of the waterproof coating is higher than the upper edge of the bathtub.

The seams should be painted in place. The seam between the bathroom wall and the joint between the upper and lower water pipes and the ground is the most prone to problems. During the construction, workers must be urged to handle these corners and corners. All waterproof coatings must be applied "in place".

Special 叮嘱: Waterproof experiments must be done. After the construction of the bathroom is completed, all the water in the bathroom will be blocked, and a 25 cm high "can" will be built at the door, and then 20 cm of water will be poured into the bathroom. After 24 hours, check the surrounding walls and the ground for leaks. This 24-hour waterproof test is the key to ensuring the quality of the bathroom waterproofing project. Although it is troublesome, it is best to do it.

Keep the water flowing smoothly. All sewer pipes in the bathroom, including floor drains, plumbing pipes for sanitary ware, etc., should be kept open. In this way, we can fundamentally avoid the occurrence of the "Scouted Seven Army" tragedy.

Waterproof second pass: wood deformation

Tip: Keeping moisture content stable is the most important thing

At present, many families use wood products in the decoration, such as curtain boxes, heating covers, fixed furniture, wooden lines and door and window covers. However, once the temperature and humidity in the room change greatly, some wood products will have problems such as cracking, warping and deformation. In fact, many of the quality problems of home decoration are in the moisture content of wood products.

Whether it is solid wood or artificial board, all wood products contain a certain amount of moisture. Many consumers think that the dryer the wood, the better. In fact, this view is biased. The moisture content of the wood can only be maintained within the normal range to ensure that the quality of the decoration does not occur. For wood materials used in general households, the moisture content should be around 8%. If the moisture content is too high or too low, it will cause quality problems in the woodworking in the home decoration.

Off-site speech: use artificial panels. The texture properties of various artificial boards are much more stable than solid wood materials. Since the solid wood material has texture, when the temperature and humidity change greatly, cracking, warping and deformation will inevitably occur. The wood-based panel is used to break down the wood into wood chips or wood pulp, and then re-form the wood. Because the original physical structure of the wood is broken, the "deformation" of the artificial board is much smaller than that of the solid wood when the temperature and humidity change greatly.

Pay attention to the details during construction.

Overcoat — All woodwork should be painted once after installation. This layer of paint, called "top coat", not only protects wood products, but also protects against moisture and maintains the normal moisture content of the wood;

One hand - no water in the binder. At present, in the home decoration, white latex is generally used as a binder for wood products. Some workers exchange water in white latex in order to cut corners. This not only reduces the strength of the binder, but also causes quality problems when the wood product absorbs moisture;

Put a few days - all the wood should be placed for a few days. After you buy the wood for decoration, it is best to put it in the decoration site for a few days before using it. The purpose of this is to make the moisture content of the wood close to the level of the new home.

Special note: When purchasing wood for decoration, it is impossible to determine the moisture content of the wood by eye or hand touch. Therefore, some people lamented: If only by visual inspection, the moisture content of wood can be described as "the fairy is difficult to distinguish." In fact, there are some tips that can help you determine if the moisture content of the wood is acceptable. Generally, the characteristics of dry wood are obvious, the weight is obviously reduced, the hand feel is not cool, the tapping is crisp, the “squeaky” sounds when the planer is pushed, the shavings are heated, and the surface is light. The wood with high water content is heavier, feels cold, and is not brittle when pushing the plane, even shaving. This type of wood cannot be used.

Waterproof third off: climb out the "ant seam" on the wall

Tips: There are many ways to overcome architectural defects.

The decoration version often receives the reader's decoration problem. The reader asks the most how the wall crawls out of the "ant seam". The so-called ant seam is an irregular crack in the wall. Last spring, Ms. Zhang spent 120,000 renovations. After the summer, Ms. Zhang suddenly found that there were many cracks in the wall of the latex paint. At present, in many new houses, there are new insulation walls with insulation. This kind of wall is prone to cracking of latex paint during decoration. In fact, this cracking is caused by cracks in the cement of the wall or cracks in the joints of the "insulation board" of the wall, which is not a quality problem of the decoration. It is said that ant seams on the wall are insurmountable defects in the building.