TV background wall Feng Shui knowledge introduction

Background wall feng shui knowledge

The development of the background wall has been in the country for more than ten years, from the most popular Dikka wall surface to the later cultural stone, decorative board, sandstone, terracotta, and recent years of texture paint, glass, wallpaper. Etc., do not fully consider the needs of modern life people in the shaping of home space, there are many defects. Manufacturers are also obviously lacking in material research and development, equipment investment, and product development, which makes the development of the entire wall industry relatively comparable to other industries in the domestic home building materials industry in terms of new materials, new product development and integration technologies. Lag.

Azimuth feng shui of TV background wall

The TV background wall plays an important role in the layout of the living room, and the correctness of the orientation is crucial. It is closely related to the opening orientation of the residential door, the placement of the sofa and the setting of the window. The TV background wall cannot be placed on the financial position, the home finances are clean and stable, and the TV set is noisy and noisy. In addition, the TV background wall should be placed directly in front of the sofa, or slightly offset, so the placement of the sofa can affect the orientation of the TV background wall. The sofa is a daily sitting place, a family gathering point, and it must be placed in the house. The TV background wall should not face the window or the wall that is open to the window, because it will not only cause physical damage to the human eye, but also have an empty and scattered spurt, which symbolizes the difficulty of gathering wealth.

Plants and basic layout of the TV background wall

Modern homes are fashionable to put trees indoors, especially on both sides of the TV background wall. From the wind and water, some plants in the home can really add anger to the home, and some even play a role in phlegm. But not all plants are suitable for home, usually, thorny or needle-like leaves, such as azaleas, roses, cacti, etc., are not suitable for home. But you can choose some leafy plants, the color is mainly green, and there are flowers. The varieties include violets, evergreens, keels, and golden geese. These plants can make your family energetic and work hard. But be careful to take care of it. If you find that the flowering branches are withered, you should cut it off as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will indicate that the work will be blocked and the family's luck will not be smooth. In addition, the common ribbon flowers and plastic flowers can be placed indoors. These furnishings have no life at all, and have little effect on the feng shui in the house. But beware, if you use a rockery to set off the plants, don't buy them. This is a kind of cockroach. Putting it at home can make people vulnerable to injury or illness. It is also worth mentioning that the arbor should not be placed in the center of the room, otherwise the cause will be blocked and in trouble.

The tone and form of the TV background wall

As a part of the living room decoration, the background wall must match the color of the whole space in the grasp of color, because it can affect the perception and affect the mood. The color of the background wall must be considered in the direction of the entire living room, and the direction of the living room is mainly determined by the orientation of the living room window. If the window is south, it is the living room to the south; if the window is to the north, it is the living room to the north. Zhengdong, Zhengnan, Zhengxi and Zhengbei were “four positives” in orientation, while southeast, southwest, northeast and northwest were called “four squats”. Only by looking at the direction can you choose the right color for the background wall.

In addition, the shaping of the TV background wall should be very monolithic, avoiding sharp corners and prominent designs, such as triangles, to prevent the formation of "ç…ž" phase. Try not to make a meaningless messy division of the wall, otherwise it will cause the family to be nervous, restless, and seriously endanger their health. The TV background wall should adopt a circular, curved or straight and non-angular line shape as the main shape. She contains the meaning of perfection, which makes the family happy and beautiful.

Colorful wallpapers, wall coverings

In the past two years, no matter whether the wallpaper is still wall covering, the processing technology has been greatly improved, not only is it more environmentally friendly, but also has the advantages of strong coverage of the mask. Use them to make video walls, which can play a better embellishment effect and is simple to construct. If you are a person who is easy to "like new and tired", it is more convenient to use wallpapers and wall coverings to make video walls.

TIPS: If you are afraid of visual fatigue, you can use a lighter color. I feel very warm when I use my wedding photo or photo of life as a video wall.

Large area walls to mix and match

If the background wall is large, whether it is vertical or horizontal, it can be fully utilized. The atmospheric wall should be spared from monotony. It can be made with two or three different materials, such as marble, glass, solid wood veneer, wall. Cloth, etc., are all suitable materials for making a big difference. In addition, the wall shape can be slightly layered, and a few strokes can make this wall vivid.

TIPS: The atmosphere of the background wall is related to the design method. Even the small-sized living room can make an atmospheric effect as long as it is properly designed. This style is generally loved by single men, it can reflect a kind of heart and mind.

With the rapid development of China's social economy and culture, the domestic home furnishing industry is gradually aligning with the international community. People's requirements for living space have gradually changed from traditional simple practicality to function, health, convenience, fashion personality, cultural connotation, artistic taste, etc. In terms of it, it has gradually become the mainstream trend in the domestic household industry. The home building materials industry has also been gradually subdivided and specialized, and the technical level of each category has been greatly improved. The speed of launching new materials and new products and integration technologies have been greatly improved.