Six materials commonly used in decoration decoration formula

Before the renovation, you need to make a budget. The usage calculation methods for some commonly used decoration materials must be understood. This way, you can not only avoid unnecessary overspending for decoration, but also provide guidance for you to purchase materials later. The following are some of the commonly used decoration processes. Material calculation formula, convenient decoration can be roughly estimated under their own.

First, the calculation of coating latex paint

Coating latex paint is basically divided into 5 liters and 15 liters of two specifications. Take the 5 litre capacity commonly used in homes as an example. Generally 5 liters of brushing area is two times 30-35m2. Can be estimated according to 35M2.

Rough calculation method:

Floor area*3.5/35= bucket number (including wall and top)

Accurate calculation method:

(Length+Width)*2*Room Height=Wall Area, Length*Width=Top Area

(wall area + top surface area - door/window area)/35 = bucket number

Xiao Bian reminded: The number of barrels needs to be rounded when purchased, and must not be rounded.

For example:

Taking a room with a length of 5m, a width of 3m and a height of 2.9m as an example, the indoor wall and top brush area are calculated as follows:

Wall area: (5m+3m)*2*2.9m=46.4m2

Top surface area: (5m*3m)=15m2

Coating amount: (46.4+15)/35m2=1.7 barrels

Actual purchase quantity: 2 barrels

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